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Alessandra Braga

Rodrigo Garrido

Our newest Team Pro was born in Santos (SP) and currently resides in Gaspar (SC) with is family.

His poker career has produced these impressive results:

  • Brazilian champion of Poker 2014
  • 2 titles in Sao Paulo, with 11 final tables
  • 2 titles in the Brazilian Tournament (Circuito ABC), with 5 final tables
  • 4 titles in the Santos (SP) Tournament (Circuito Santista)
  • 7 final tables in Santa Catarina Tournamnets (Circuito Catarinense)
  • 5 final tables in Main Events (60K omega , 150K All In , 25K H2, MasterMinds I and 100K Santos)
  • Champion of Heads UP MasterMinds III tournament
  • Champion of MasterMinds III Chinese Poker
  • 4 final tables at BSOP Main Event
  • 8 final tables at BSOP Side Events
  • Semifinal table at Latin American Poker Tour 2011
  • 10 prizes in the WSOP, with a final table in 2011 ending in 7th place
  • Champion of the 1st Santos Open of Poker 2012 – 100K
  • Actually, it is more than US$700,000.00 in prizes, with titles in the biggest tournaments and the title of Triple Crown that is given to the players who win 3 tournaments in 3 different websites during only one week

Follow Rodrigo Garrido in the social networks:

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/RGarrido8

TWITTER: @RGarrido8

A team managed by professionals like: Andrei “PorcoEspinho” Mosman, Carlos “BoladeGude” Galvão and Flávio “DrPoita" Nakatani. The “Conversa com a Kombi” team has accumulated more than USD$300.000 in winnings at Betmotion.com.

Lead by pro player Lucas “DiabloBrazil” Arnold, Team Troll is the oldest and most notable amongst the online teams at Betmotion.com.

  • Lucas Arnold

Lead by the ex-champion of Team Troll, Bruno “Jerônimo” Malpelli, leads The Kings as one of the most winningest teams inside the network.

  • Bruno Malpelli

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