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Ladies by Queens of Poker 2016 Ranking

The best ranking in Brazil is back!

Like every year, our ranking Ladies by Queens of Poker is back and is exclusively for women who love this mental sport.

From March, enjoy the best ranking of Brazil, with a lot of news and incredible prizes!

For more information, please check www.queensofpoker.net.

General Regulation

  1. From March 2016, Betmotion Poker will have a series of weekly tournaments where the best qualified players earn points to Ladies by Queens of Poker ranking leader board of Betmotion.

  2. The “Freebuy” tournaments have no subscription, so any player, who has an active account at Betmotion Poker, can play. The tournaments have the options of unlimited $0.55 re-buys (2.000 chips) during the first hour and $0.55 add-on (4.000 chips) with late registration in the first hour/end of rebuy.

  3. The stages will be every Sunday at 19:00 (GMT -3) and will have a guaranteed prize of $100 (One Hundred Dollars) that will be delivered between the 15% best qualified in each stage.

  4. The monthly ranking will be disputed in four stages/tournaments. See the tournaments agenda:

  5. The scoring system:

Champion 400 points
Vice Champion 380 points
3rd place 360 points
4th place 340 points
5th place 320 points
6th place 300 points
7th place 280 points
8th place 260 points
9th place 240 points
10th place 220 points
From 11th to 20th 200 points
From 21st to 30th 180 points
From 31st to 40th 160 points
From 41st to 50th 140 points
From 51st to 60th 120 points
From 61st to 70th 100 points
From 71st to 80th 80 points
From 81st to 90th 60 points
From 91st to 100th 40 points
From 101st to 200th 20 points

  6. The criteria used to determine the winners will be the accumulated points during their respective stages.

  7. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker for each phase will be the number of final tables that each tied player held. If the tie continues, the performance will be analyzed in terms of positions in the final tables to determine the winner.

  8. Betmotion Poker, BSOP and Queens of Poker may ask for, and participants are obligated to provide a picture and or testimony for publicity purposes.

  9. The stages may be altered schedule according to DST in effect on the date. Betmotion are exempt of any problems that may occur from that fact.

  10. Registration: The tournaments are exclusively for invited ladies. Can participate only members of Facebook group Queens of Poker and through this channel inform name and nickname at Betmotion Poker with due advance. Inform the same day of the event will not guarantee your participation on the tournament.

  11. Monthly Ranking prizes: The champions will be defined according the sum of points from monthly ranking. The champion will win $70 (Seventy Dollars), the vice champion will win $30 (Thirty Dollars) and the third place will win $20 (Twenty Dollars); the prizes will be credited on the corresponding accounts at Betmotion Poker.

  12. Annual Ranking prizes: The champions will be defined by the sum of points of all monthly rankings from March to November. In case of a tie, will be considered the criteria described in #7. The champions will win a buy-in to BSOP Millions Ladies event courtesy of BSOP and Betmotion. Will be awarded 10 participants. If any winner cannot participate, the prize will be transferred to the next participant in the ranking (the buy-in is not accumulative). Other costs, such as travel and accommodation, will be entirely borne by the participant. May be asked to wear a shirt, hat or patch of Betmotion, Queens of Poker and BSOP/Super Poker Group during the event.

  13. The BSOP Millions has not a definite date, but if the date is before the end of the scheduled stages, Betmotion Poker could end the ranking to determine the champions of the year, anytime.

  14. Prizes can not be changed or substituted for cash.

  15. The ranking is exclusively for women. In case of exist a man player; the prizes will not be delivered. They may be requested ID in order to check.

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