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FIFTY’s is back to Betmotion!

From March, and every Sunday and Wednesday, you are invited to play a first class poker
at 9pm.

Play all the stages, follow our ranking and increase your bankroll!

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions.

1. From March 2016, Betmotion Poker hold a serie of $50.00 weekly freeroll tournaments in which any Betmotion Poker player can participate to score points for the ranking leader board of Fifty’s 2016.

2. The freeroll tournaments are held weekly at 21:00 (GMT-3) every Sunday and Wednesday with late registration of 30 minutes, and each one has unlimited $1+0.10 re-buys and add-ons during the first hour. A prize of $50 will be distributed among the 10% best placed of each stage.

3. The ranking will be conducted in two (2) phases, 30 stages in each phase and lasting a total of 5 months each. From each phase we will have three qualified players. These players will receive a ticket to Major Betmotion Tournaments of our network (tournaments will be choose by Betmotion).

4. The scoring system:

Position Points
Champion 40 points
2º place 38 points
3º place 36 points
4º place 34 points
5º place 32 points
6º place 30 points
7º place 28 points
8º place 26 points
9º place 24 points
10º place 22 points
11º to 20º 20 points
21º to 30º 18 points
31º to 40º 16 points
41º to 50º 14 points
51º to 60º 12 points
61º to 70º 10 points
71º to 80º 08 points
81º to 90º 06 points
91º to 100º 04 points
101º to 200º 02 points

5. The criteria used to determine the winners will be their accumulated points got during the respective phases.

6. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker for each phase will be the number of final tables that each tied player held. If the tie continues, the performance will be analyzed in terms of positions in the final tables to determine the winner.

7. Betmotion Poker may ask for, and participants are obligated to provide a picture and or testimony for publicity purposes.

8. Withdrawals are subject to Betmotion’s Terms and Conditions.

The stages

1. Stages are held weekly at 9pm (GMT-3) every Sunday and Wednesday with late registration of 30 minutes. The stage schedules are subject to change according to your local Daylight Savings time, exempting Betmotion for any problems that may occur.

2. The stages are conducted according to the following schedule:

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