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Along with our new VIP Club, we have revamped our Achievements, adding to the many tasks that you can already earn.

Now, exclusive to Betmotion, we have added over 20 new special achievements. These special achievements will reward you with tournament tickets, Fish Party tickets, cash prizes or free spins as you complete them. There are achievements for all types of games, including Blaze, Cash Games, Sit & Gos, Fish Party Sit & Gos, as well as Scheduled Tournaments, so no matter what you favour, you can be rewarded. We will be adding more in the future!

Participating is easy! Complete the suggested tasks and earn points.

How many achievements can you collect?

For each category completed earn a badge that will appear next to your avatar in Betmotion Poker tables.

You can post each achievement through twitter right from your table.

To get easier access to your history and other information, login to your Poker software, click on “My account/View my Achievements”. On the pop up window you will have information such as achievements, accomplished achievements and a FAQ section to clear any doubts.

Don’t miss any time, play now and start accomplishing the suggested tasks! Become the biggest “Conqueror” of Betmotion Poker.

Play at Betmotion, accumulate badges and Pips and follow our promotion page closely. We will have lots of exclusive promotions with those who accumulate the most!

Click here and access our FAQ.

What are “Achievements”?

Achievements are recognition of your Betmotion Poker accomplishments. Master Achievements and earn badges through skill, perseverance or just dumb luck. The number of badges you earn is a measure of how awesome you are at our Poker net.

What is the difference between an achievement, a badge, a task and a Pip?

Each achievement is made up of tasks for you to complete, and the difficulty of each task is measured in Pips. Once you have completed all the tasks in an Achievement, you have mastered that Achievement and you earn a badge. For example, the Achievement called Training Wheels has a badge with a tricycle on it. You master this Achievement and earn the badge when you have completed all four tasks. The total Pips for all four tasks are only 25, as this is an easy Achievement. You can see all your earned badges in the “Completed” tab in “My Achievements”.

What are Pips?

Pips are what we use to score the difficulty of the tasks. A task that is very difficult to complete has a higher Pips value than an easy task. To earn a badge, you must complete tasks to collect enough Pips to master that Achievement.

How do I display my achievements badge on the table?

By default, we show your latest badge on the table. If there is a badge that you are particularly proud of and want to show off, you can set it as your displayed badge in two different ways.
- From the achievements page, select the badge and click the “Set as my Badge” button.
- Click on the notification you receive when you earn the achievement by clicking the “Set as my Badge” icon.

How can I compare my awesomeness to other players?

Click another player's badge on the table to see how many achievements they have. Compare this to your badge count.

Can I hide my achievements from other players?

Yes! To do this, click the “Privacy” button at the bottom of the page “View my Achievements”. If you choose Privacy, you will continue to complete tasks and earn badges, but you will not receive any notifications of your progress. You will not lose any badges when Privacy is turned on. Turn off the Privacy setting to turn the notifications back on.

Can other players see my badges?

Other players can only see the badge that you have displayed by your avatar. They can also see the number of badges you have earned by clicking your badge, but they cannot see what individual badges you have earned.

What happens to my play money achievements if I start playing with real money?

Once you begin to play for real money, we will hide the play money achievements. You will keep any play money badges you fully earned, but any play money achievements not started or completed will not be available anymore.
What you get in return is a wider variety of challenges and tasks than was available in the play money achievements.

How many badges can I show on the table?

We can only allow a single badge on the table.

10  I have completed a task but no badge is displayed on the table. Why?

Does the achievement that you are playing have more than one task? If so, you must complete all tasks for the achievement to earn the badge.

11  How can I track the number of Pips I have and how many I still need to master an achievement?

The total number of Pips you have collected is displayed at the top of the “My Achievements” page, and this is updated as you complete each task. This page also shows information for each achievement. This includes the total number of Pips required, the number of Pips you have collected so far and your overall completion of the achievement.

12  How do I know what to do so I can earn more badges?

You can click on the “Achievement” in the “My Achievements” page, which will drop down a list of tasks. Each task has a description which shows you what you need to do in order to complete that task.

13  Do any of the rewards from completing the new special achievements expire?

Some of the rewards such as free spins and tournament tickets will expire 90 days after you have completed the achievement. Make sure to use these rewards before then! To check the expiration of your tournament tickets, log in, click "Balances" -> "My Tickets" -> "View".

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