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Are you training to be the best and win your medal at Betmotion Sports Olympic Games?

Join us in this amazing promotion that will accompany you during the Olympic Games!

It is time to show everyone how high you can go. Climb the podium and win thousands of dollars in prizes.


Compete like never before and show you are the best.

It will be a 3-week competition and a super final ranking (sum of points of 3 weeks).

We’ll be giving away $10,000 in prizes!

Week Period Total Prizes
Week 1 August 1st - 7th $2,000/€2,000/R$8,000
Week 2 August 8th - 14th $2,000/€2,000/R$8,000
Week 3 August 15th - 21st $2,000/€2,000/R$8,000
Final Ranking August 1st - 21st $4,000/€4,000/R$16,000

Each athlete will earn one point for every $10 bet or every $2 deposited.

Totally automated, you can see your points and prize, both on ranking and Sports area.

Terms & Conditions
  • This promotion is open to all players of Betmotion.com who have confirmed their participation by clicking the “PARTICIPATE” button, from July 25th to August 21st, 2016 .
  • Players can join from July 25th, but their points will starting to count from August 1st, 2016.
  • Any player who has begun to participate after August 1st (by clicking the “PARTICIPATE” button), will have his points credited from that moment.
  • Only bets placed at Sports area will count towards the promotion.
  • There is no maximum of points to receive per player.
  • The points are generated automatically, both for bets placed on Sports area and deposits on the site:
    Bet value for each point Deposited value for each point
    $10/€10/R$40 $2/€2/R$5
  • There are 3 rankings where on each period, the top 10 players will receive a prize. Periods will be as follows:
    Week Date Prizes
    Week 1 August 1st - 7th $2,000/€2,000/R$8,000
    Week 2 August 8th - 14th $2,000/€2,000/R$8,000
    Week 3 August 15th - 21st $2,000/€2,000/R$8,000
    Position Prize
    1 $500/€500/R$2,000
    2 $375/€375/R$1,500
    3 $250/€250/R$1,000
    4 a 10 $125/€125/R$500
  • In addition to weekly rankings, winners of final ranking will receive big prizes (users with the highest score in the overall promotion: from August 1st to 21st).
  • In the final ranking, the 40 players with the highest score will be rewarded and a total prize of $4,000/€4,000/R$16,000 will be divided according the following order in the ranking:
    Prize Amount of prizes Total Prize
    $750/€750/R$3,000 1 $750/€750/R$3,000
    $500/€500/R$2,000 1 $500/€500/R$2,000
    $375/€375/R$1,500 1 $375/€375/R$1,500
    $150/€150/R$600 10 $1,500/€1,500/R$6,000
    $45/€45/R$180 10 $450/€450/R$1,800
    $25/€25/R$100 17 $425/€425/R$1,700
  • Weekly prizes will be credited on winner's account the next Monday after the end of every promotional week (Mondays, August 8th, 15th and 22nd).
  • Prizes of the final ranking will be credited on Monday, August 22nd, 2016.
  • Once logged in, any player can see his points at Betmotion’s logo.
  • If two players of the ranking get the same amount of points, they will share the prize. For example, if two players share the same ranking level, the sum of the first and second price will be split between them.
  • Points assigned on bets that are not taken afterwards or with Cashout tool applied, will be taken off the player’s account.
  • Users with low fees abuse, just to wire money and get points, may be excluded from the promotion.
  • Sports Rollover to each prize will be applied to this promotion.
  • In order to withdraw the prize, the Bonus must be Rollover exclusively on Sports area.
  • General Terms and Conditions apply to this promotion.