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Betmotion’s sports betting product has a brand new tool

Player Props is a new feature in the online entertainment market, which allows users to customize sport betting.

Betmotion has launched the Player Props feature on its sportsbook platform. This feature - found only on Betmotion.com - allows the creation of customized tickets, with unique bets, made from player statistics and comparisons from previous events.

What are Player Props bets?

For sports betting experts, Player Props is the best way to combine user knowledge with athlete performance. For example, do you think LeBron James will score more than 30 points? Or that Messi will hit the target more than Cristiano Ronaldo in their respective games? You just need to create a betting ticket with those combinations or whatever you have in mind. Once the bet is created, the site will calculate the odds instantly.

With so many sports leagues, teams, athletes and statistics on offer, this new feature literally has endless markets. The possibilities of winning with Player Props are numerous. The profit depends on how many bets are placed, on the difficulty of these bets (which generate larger or shorter odds), knowledge of the sport and the players involved.

How to bet?

Step 1: First, you must register with Betmotion. To do so, simply go to the website and click the REGISTER button in the upper right side of the screen. Filling in information is simple and allows you to instantly start exploring the site and various promotions.

Step 2: To access Player Props, you need to enter the SPORTS section and click on the third tab. The home page of the platform will appear and you can create your bets in a practical and intuitive way. You can choose to start your own bet from zero and completely customize or use the "shortcut" and make quick bets on the over/under market.

Step 3: After clicking the bet type, the next step is the mode or competition to place the bet. Here are a few examples of tournaments you can place bets:

• Campeonato Brasileiro
• Premier League
• LaLiga
• Serie A
• Champions League
• EFL, the Championship and the Second Division of the English Championship
• LigaMX, the Mexican championship.

Step 4: After selecting the bet type or competition that forms the basis for the bet, the next step is to choose the game in which you will place your bet. This can be done directly by selecting the options indicated from the website in the box on the right.

Step 5: The fifth step to customize the bet is to choose the player who will be the protagonist of your bet. Once the game selection is made, the house will present the list of available athletes.

Step 6: Once the athlete is selected, the betting ticket is created in the right sidebar. Betmotion gives users the chance to choose between three bet possibilities for the chosen player. The bet can be placed using individual statistics, based on direct comparison with another athlete or in direct comparison with two other players (trio option).

Step 7: If you select individual statistics, the next move is defining which item will be used for the bet (e.g. in the case of football, goals, shots, passes etc.). In the case of direct confrontation or trio, the next step is the choice of the athletes to be compared with the first one selected.

Step 8: With all athlete choices made, the next step is to see which statistical item will be used to create the custom ticket. Each feature has its own options. For example, in a game between Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA), we provide the number of points scored, total rebound assists, 3-pointers scored, blocked shots, etc.

Step 9: When you have finished choosing the stats to be compared, we immediately provide the odds offered for the bet. Following on from the example above, you can bet that Steven Adams will score more points in the game, followed by Russell Westbrook and, finally, Paul George. For this possibility, Betmotion offers a return of 16.86 for each dollar invested. If the bettor finds the price attractive enough, just click the "Add To Bulletin" button in the lower right corner to include this option in your personalized ticket.

Step 10: With the custom bet created, you have to enter the amount that you want to invest in this bet. This is done in a box in the lower right corner of the ticket.

Step 11: As soon as the value of the bet is entered, we will automatically inform you what the return of the bet will be if it is a winner. After that, you have two options: to complete the simple ticket or to use the "Parlay" tool, which allows the inclusion of more options in the same ticket, thus increasing the offered odds and potential profit.

Step 12: If you opt for "Parlay", the platform will set as default the initially selected game, but it is possible to choose another event and betting mode. Just follow the same steps as above. As soon as a second bet option is created, you must click “Add to the ticket”. If the user wishes to change, they should click “delete”. This will cancel the second option, but will keep the first choice.

Step 13: As can be seen in the previous image, by including a second prediction in the betting ticket, the platform shows the multiplied odds of the new options and asks the user to enter the new amount to be invested. Given this information, it is possible to select an alternative option. One is to complete the ticket with both bets. Another is to remove the first option while keeping only the second. The third possibility is to choose to "Parlay" again and include a new selection.

Step 14: When deciding to complete the bet, you get to the final step of the process. A pop-up appears, where you will see a summary of the operation to be performed and will ask you to cancel or confirm. Okay, now let’s get it on!


To help bettors use the Player Props platform, we provide a small graphic image next to each player's name. By clicking on it, a window will open with information about the athlete's performance in the item chosen from the previous five games.

Remember, conducting thorough analysis of the game and player that you will bet with, is essential for success. This assessment includes knowing the athlete, knowing their specialty, their skills, their history and performance in the last head-to-head.


In addition to the HELP section, containing lots of information to answer the main questions from sports users, the site has a 24/7 Online Customer Service centre. You can use online chat, phone, WhatsApp and / or email.

Betmotion is also on YouTube. The channel is packed with content with tips to improve your bets, forecasts and sports tips, prizes and more. New videos are added every week. Come join this great online community and be amazed! Visit our channel and sign up!