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Carnaval  Bingo

Carnaval Bingo

32 ratings

Pack your bags and get prepared, because this game will take you to an awesome Carnival celebration!
Vibrant colours and the magnificent landscape of Rio de Janeiro will make you feel like you were in Copacabana enjoying an amazing party with an initial 30-ball raffle and the chance to buy up to 14 extra balls! Even the balls are green, yellow and blue, the Brazilian colours!
The carnivalesque woman stands next to the bingo cage. She performs the raffle and roots for you.
All these details provide extra pizzazz to your rounds. After all, there's nothing better than having fun in a fantastic place!

We love the rhythm of Carnival and all the happiness it brings. This holiday means relaxation and party for many people, but it also can be synonymous with having fun in the comfort of your own home.
This game offers many advantages, such as Bonus rounds with different games so that you can break out of a rut. Not to mention the fantastic Jackpot, in addition to many game options, information about everything and much more.

Carnaval Bingo features four kinds of Bonus rounds. When you complete the corresponding patterns, the game will take you to these games, which offer the best prizes!
Bonus 1: your goal is to bet the maximum value on the Slot machine. When the word "Exit" comes out, the round ends. The amount you won will be summed and credited to your balance.
Bonus 2: in this round, you have to bet on a prize pyramid. Each line has an arrow and values. If you choose a pointer, you go to the next level.
Bonus 3: this game will give you a Carnival scratch card. Each square on the ticket hides a prize.
Bonus 4: choose one out of four Carnival items on the ground to see - and win - the hidden prize.

This game full of swagger could never forget our beloved Jackpot. It will be paid when you hit Bingo with the first 30 balls, and its value is displayed under "Bingo" or "Jackpot" patterns. It increases or decreases accordingly to your bet.
Don't worry, because we will remind you about the Jackpot in the corresponding pattern in all rounds and the prize table.

Click on the Menu button to choose the number of automatic spins, select all balls, activate or deactivate the game sounds, change the language or see information about previous rounds. Right above this menu, you can see a question mark (?), which is the Help section, where you will find relevant information about Carnival Bingo.

The lower bar allows you to set your bet according to your preferences.
On the left side, you will find the options of credit values, which may be 0.025, 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5 following the currency of your account. On its side, you will find the number of bets. To change them, click on the blue arrows.
Carnaval also has a Turbo button, which increases the speed of the raffle, and even information about the credits you have and how much you have won.

If you want to change your numbers before the initial raffle takes place, click on the tickets. It's also possible to disable the cards you don't want - 1, 2 or 3 out of 4. Click PLAY and the numbers on your tickets will be marked in different ways.
The numbers you hit will be marked in red. The ones you didn't hit don't change. If you are about to complete a pattern, it will be marked in orange. So, if the extra balls are active, you can decide whether to keep betting or not. If you are about to complete more than one pattern in a ticket, the game will show lines in different colours delimiting each pattern, so that you can easily distinguish them.

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