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Candy  Bingo  3D

Candy Bingo 3D

31 ratings

Candy Bingo 3D has come to change your game experience, bringing more lively moments, lots of fun and the sweetest candies!
It is a new version of the classic Candy Bingo, with a modern style and many innovations, which put it at the vanguard of a new generation of Video Bingos. All that without losing its typical classic feel.
Candy Bingo 3D is a game with 34 balls, four 5x3 tickets, six winning patterns and the possibility to bet up to 30 credits per ticket. When you hit Bingo, you will receive the biggest prize in the game. Its value depends on your stake, and it appears on your screen. Besides, Candy Bingo 3D offers three Bonus rounds. Sweets, cupcakes and a fantastic roulette are waiting for you.
This game takes place in a wonderful candy factory, and four cute elves will help you with this tasty adventure: Petey, Vicky, Lucky and Atty. Before you finish the round, these adorable elves will offer you 10 extra balls, so that you increase your chances to win the biggest prizes!
You're going to fall in love with this tasty opportunity to win sweet prizes!

This is the perfect Video Bingo for all fans of candies. You're going to taste the best desserts you've ever had! These candies are made of the most delicious ingredients with our beloved online Bingo.
This classic game was the result of a mixture of the classical Bingo and great innovations so that you can escape the routine and have moments of fun and entertainment!
You are going to have a great time in this colourful, exciting background, with numerous game options and quite an interplay!

First of all, you have to select the amount of your bet. The values of the prizes will also change because they are related to your stake.
Moreover, you can select how many tickets you want in each round by clicking on them, and it's also possible to change your numbers if you don't like the ones you've got. Just click on the tab "New Tickets".
When you are ready to have fun, press PLAY. The candy party is about to begin!
If you want to speed up the ball raffle, click on Turbo option.
After the initial raffle, you can buy up to 10 extra balls to get the best rewards of the game!

Win awesome rewards when you complete one of the five prize patterns. Not to mention the Bingo pattern, which is the entire ticket.
If you complete this pattern with the 34 initial balls, you will win the sought-after Jackpot. You also have to play with all four tickets and bet at least three credits on each of them.
Candy Bingo 3D allows you to set your bet the way you want. The game information menu shows all the details of your last rounds, such as their ID, hour and date, winnings, selected balls and extra balls you bought.
The PERIMETER pattern offers a Bonus round called Lucky Roulette where you have three chances to spin the roulette and win the prize that the yellow triangle selects. Prizes are not cumulative, and the Bonus round ends when there are no spins left.

Candy Bingo 3D's menu is on the lower left corner of your screen, where you see options like History (to know all about previous rounds), Help (to see information about the game, as the value of each Bonus), Turbo mode and sound settings.
You are our special guest to make the most of this amazing adventure. Come to this candy fabric and win the sweetest prizes!

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