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Candy  Bingo
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Candy Bingo

103 ratings

Candy is a very popular game among the fans of electronic Bingo, especially because of its sweet prizes. This Video Bingo will take you to the land of the tastiest desserts and will make your days even more delightful!
Candy stands out for its awesome 34-ball raffle, which allows you to win big prizes in a very simple way. And to top it off, you can buy up to 10 extra balls.
In addition to being a huge success among Bingo players, Candy is also an excellent way to mix entertainment and rewards. Did you know that you can win extra prizes in bonus rounds and the game has a Jackpot?
Play with all four tickets and bet three or more credits on each of them to have the chance to win the Jackpot! How can you win this coveted prize? Well, keep reading and we'll explain it a few lines below.
Enjoy the free version of Candy and try this sweet experience in the world of Video Bingos without having to spend a single dime!

Besides being fun, it has vibrant colours and a very creative design that will captivate your attention. You will want to catch all the biggest prizes!
Revel with these amazing prizes and fight for the Jackpot!

You can find the Settings menu on the bottom of the screen. Click on it and access relevant information about the game.
The first tab shows the record of the game, with date, hour, the value of your bets, selected balls and extra balls you have bought. Under this information, there are your tickets with the marked numbers. You can also check your last rounds.
Then, you can activate the Turbo option, which speeds up the raffle. Help menu shows important information about many aspects of Candy, such as Jackpot, bonus rounds, bets, credits, winning patterns, etc.
Back on the main screen, we have an advice for you. If you think the numbers of your last round are good, you can play with them again on the next round. It's possible to play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 tickets at the same time and if you want to change your numbers, click on NEW TICKETS to change them as many times as you want.
On the top of your screen, you can see the prize table. The value of the multiplicators under the patterns will increase or decrease accordingly to the number of bets you place per round. The more bets, the biggest your chances to win.

To start the game you need to set a bet, choosing how many tickets you want to play with, the number of bets and other configuration you like to change. When you are ready, click PLAY and have fun!
To win the Jackpot you need to mark all the numbers in a ticket during the raffle of the first 34 balls. Don't forget to play with all four tickets at the same time and bet three or more credits on each of them.
In case you complete SQUARE pattern, you will have the opportunity to access a Bonus game with three Free Spins, which can give you many extra credits. The roulette will determine your prize.

If you are about to get a prize after the initial 34-ball raffle, Candy gives you the opportunity to buy up to 10 extra balls to increase your chances to win. The value of each ball is displayed on the upper globe and you can get them by clicking EXTRA BALL. You can stop the purchase of balls at any moment clicking NO.
What are you waiting for? Play Candy Bingo and start to taste your amazing prizes!

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