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Bugs  Party

Bugs Party

6 ratings

Welcome to this bugs party! Yes, you've heard right, these little creatures are inviting you to have lots of fun with them. Besides, they will help you to win and celebrate each time you get a prize because after all, these lovely insects are very happy when you win!
In the first raffle, 30 out of 60 balls are selected, but the game may also enable EXTRA BALL mode, which allows you to buy up to 10 extra shots. You can play with up to four tickets at the same time. Each card has 15 random numbers.

This Video Bingo will conquer your heart since the first moment. It starts with a wonderful animation, which tells you about the Bonus round, extra balls, and other information. So you get into the mood of this nature party! The amazing Bonus round is a success among the players because it's a win-or-win game! Not to mention that playing with these insects is a thrilling sensation.

When you are about to complete a pattern after the end of the initial raffle, the game takes you to EXTRA BALL mode. The balls appear with a spinning flower, and their value is displayed in the centre of the screen. The game calculates this value based on your probability to win. You can buy one ball at a time until you complete the ten extra balls or until the round ends, clicking COLLECT. When you win the super prize, a wonderful insect will show up from inside the leaf to celebrate with you. Emotion is always on your side!

To enter the Bonus round, you just have to complete the Square pattern. Then, the game will take you to an amusing free round, where you will find incredible Bonuses. You can receive up to 625 times your total stake. This unique round has jellies with awesome prizes. In some jars, some multiplicators increase the winnings of the next pot. Of course, everything isn't roses in the bugs' world. Be careful with the hungry frog and with the mad pest control, because they spoil your Bonus round. However, you can keep partying if you choose the right instructor symbol.

The game offers many options that will make every detail fit your preferences. You can play each round with the same tickets because the game doesn't change them automatically. However, if you want to replace them, click NEW TICKETS to receive new numbers. You can repeat this action as many times as you want. It's also possible to disable one, two or three of the four active tickets. Just click the buttons DISABLE or ENABLE, next to each one of them.
Disabled tickets are shown in grey, as they don't make part of the round, but you can see the numbers being marked on it and know if you were going to win a prize if they were activated.
Below it, you will find the buttons FAST GAME and AUTO GAME. The first one speed up the ball raffle and the second allows you to play a certain number of rounds automatically. Click it and access all the automatic game options, setting it in many different ways.
On the lower left side, you can change the value of your credits in COIN VALUE, with seven different value options. You can also open a small screen with the game settings, where you can change the value of your credits, the number of cards, set sound effects, enable or disable Fast Game or Auto Game options.

In addition to the game options, Bugs Party also has much information, such as your bet history, the list of your last rounds and precise information about each one of them. To see more details about the game, click the Help menu.
On the main screen, you will see how many credits you have, the number of active tickets, the value of each credit and the value you bet on each round. To check the details, click PAYMENTS to see how much each pattern pays.

The game has 12 winning patterns on the top of your screen. Among them, there are simple patterns, such as Line, or high-value patterns, e.g. Square, which takes you to a Bonus round and BINGO, which is the most important pattern of the game. To win it, you have to complete all the numbers on a ticket.
To have more chances to win, play with the four tickets and don't be afraid to bet a higher value, because when you win, your prize will be unbelievable.
Click PLAY and start having fun with the tiny insects of BUGS PARTY.
Good luck!

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