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Buffalo  Bingo

Buffalo Bingo

12 ratings

Right from the plains of North America, the bull will be your lucky animal in this amazing Video Bingo!
Buffalo Bingo is an electronic game with 60 balls, many prizes, special features and a Jackpot! When you access the main screen, you will see a powerful animal next to the draw pot, which will initially select 30 balls.
The background of the game is a North American plain with mountains and nature. This wonderful landscape gives you the sense of calm you need to focus on what really matters: get the right numbers.
Speaking of which, you can play with one, two, three or four tickets at the same time. It's up to you. To disable a ticket, click the red X inside the horn on the right side.
Each ticket has 15 random numbers from 1 to 60. If you don't want to play with the numbers you got, just click on any ticket to change them.
If you feel prepared, press PLAY to start the draw. While the balls are being mixed, the bull neighs and get excited! In total, there are 15 winning patterns with fantastic prizes.
You can also hit three Bonuses, which will take you to special games with many rewards. Bingo is the most sought-after pattern, and you can hit it when you get all the numbers in a ticket. Besides, there's an incredible Jackpot!
If you like to have fun and win prizes, Buffalo Bingo is the perfect place for you!

60-ball Video Bingo.
Initial raffle: 30 balls.
You can play with up to four tickets at the same time. Each one has 15 random numbers from 1 to 60.
If you complete a winning pattern, you will get its prize, accordingly to the payment table.

Sometimes the game allows you to buy extra balls.
The Jackpot is the maximum payment. To win it, you need to hit Bingo with the first 30 balls.

Bonus 1: The bulls will stampede and kick the rocks. Your prize will be the sum of the rewards you discover under the stones.
Bonus 2: A bull walks through a path with forks. Each time the bull stops in a fork, you choose its way. Your prize will be hidden in the shrub you get.
Bonus 3: Choose one of three bulls and win the prize hidden on it.

"Automatic Game" - play from 10 to 100 automatic rounds.
"Buy all tickets" option.
Set the sound effects.
Choose the language of the game.
See information about the round on "i" icon.

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