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ive Blackjack of Evolution Gaming is the fastest and improved game that ever exists. Every aspect has been optimized to perfection to provide the best gaming experience. The main game has new features, as well as: Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side bets: A player that bet on a Perfect Pair may win increasing additional winnings if the first two cards dealt make up a mixed, coloured or perfect pairs. An extra wager on a 21+3 side bet gives the player the chance to win on a whole range of Poker-style card combinations made up of their first two dealt cards and the one open card in the dealer's hand. Bet Behind: Bet behind allows a virtually limitless number of players to bet behind the main 7 players seated at each Live Blackjack table. This adds massive multi-player scalability and huge revenue potential. Players can bet behind while they wait for one of the 7 main seats. Alternatively, a player in one of the main seats can choose to bet behind any other seat. Pre-Decision: Pre-Decision allows players to make their decision whether to Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split at the same time as the first player, without having to wait for their turn. That means more active game time for players and more games per hour for operators.

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