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Bingolé is a fun and colourful Video Bingo, which is known for its many and huge prizes. The game is all about football and its graphics make everything more entertaining and exciting when you place your bets. Bingolé features a dynamic of four 5x3 tickets and you can choose how many tickets you want to play with in each round. In addition, it offers 12 amazing opportunities to win awesome prizes, including the long-sought Jackpot. So put on your uniform and take the field on Bingolé!

Bingolé is a game for players who love classic and simple Video Bingos, with great dynamics and guaranteed fun.
It has great audiovisual effects and a high-quality animations. You are going to feel like you were in a real casino, but enjoying the comfort of your own home or wherever you are.
This game offers lots of amenities for you, such as the possibility to change the numbers of your tickets before starting each round and make new deposits during the round. You just have to minimize your screen, go to the deposits area, confirm the transaction and wait for the actualization of your credits on the game screen.

First of all, you have to place a bet. Select the value you want to bet and the number of tickets you want clicking ON/OFF. If you prefer to change the numbers of your tickets, just click on them and you will receive new numbers.
After following these steps, click PLAY or AUTO. On "auto" mode, the rounds will be played automatically.
31 balls are selected in each round, the numbers will be marked on your tickets and if you make a winning combination you get an amazing prize!
You can also acquire up to 10 extra balls. There are 10 extra chances to get a prize!

In this game, the lowest prizes are overturned if you win a higher prize. This means that if you get a Line prize and then you win a Double Line prize, you will receive the value of Double Line only. All prizes are multiplied by the value of the bet placed on the winning ticket.
When you get the Square combination, Bingolé will take you to a stunning Bonus game, where you will find many surprises and huge rewards.
To improve your experience in the game, the settings are very simple and easy to use.

During the extra balls rounds, a joker ball may appear. Choose any lacking number on your tickets and it will be marked. To select your favourite number, click on this number on your ticket and then press BUY.
You hit Bingo when all the numbers are marked in one of your tickets. It's the highest value you can get on a ticket and it may increase or decrease according to the number of bets you choose.

The game allows you to buy up to 10 extra balls, since you haven't won Bingo already.
The value of each ball is displayed on the bingo cage. A free extra ball may be randomly offered. As the game doesn't buy extra balls automatically, you have up to 15 minutes to buy each of them.
If you don't have enough credits to buy extra balls, you can acquire them with the prizes you have won during the round.

The game menu allows you to set the volume of the sounds - or just silence them - as well as set the game to play automatic rounds, change the speed of the raffle, buy all balls and also change the game language.
To change your stake, just click the up and down arrows in Total Bet. Notice that the value of your stake increase or decrease according to the number of your bets.
Enjoy this amazing Bingo machine and boost your chances to win!

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