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Bingo  60

Bingo 60

19 ratings

Bingo 60, the easiest way to win lots of prizes!
The ones who really like the most popular game in the world are going to fall in love with Bingo 60. This Video Bingo will make you feel like you were in a real casino in the comfort of your own home!
As its very name indicates, Bingo 60 has 60 balls, with an initial raffle of 30 balls. But you also have the opportunity to buy extra balls and boost your chances to win big!
By the way, you are the boss here. On the main screen there are four 5x3 tickets. If you don't want to play with all tickets at the same time, you can disable the ones you don't want to play with.
In addition, you can set the speed of the Video Bingo and the value of your credits as you prefer to. Find the perfect combination and have fun for hours and hours!
Do you want to know about the prizes? Well, there are 4 different patterns with prizes from 3 to 1,500 times your stake. These patterns are: Line, Double Line, 4 Corners and Bingo. Not to mention the Jackpot prize, which will fill your pockets!
So don't waste time, have lots of fun on Bingo 60!

Initial raffle: 30 balls.
Three chances to buy extra balls.
Four 5x3 tickets.
You can play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 tickets simultaneously.
Buttons ON/OFF: enable or disable your tickets.
To win the Jackpot you have to bet with at least 3 credits and hit Bingo with the first 30 balls.

4 winning patterns.
Square: 3 times your stake.
Line: 3 times your stake.
Double Line: 80 times your stake.
Bingo: 1,500 times your stake.

On the lateral bar, you can set many functions of the game.
Turbo and Automatic Game buttons.
More information on the button HELP.

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