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Ace  Mania
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Ace Mania

37 ratings

Ace Mania is a new attraction powered by Lucky Million that came to liven up your days!
This Video Bingo features 4 tickets with 15 numbers on each one and if you don't like the numbers on your tickets you can change them with just one click!
This amazing Bingo machine offers the classic pattern of the online Video Bingos with an initial raffle of 30 balls, which gives the players many chances to get one or many of its winning combinations, so that you can receive lots of prizes!
But if lucky is not on your side, don't worry, because Ace Mania has the solution for you! It offers the opportunity to buy up to 10 extra balls. This way you can turn things around and get the best prizes of the game!
With brilliant and cheerful colours, in addition to high-quality graphics, Ace Mania sends out lots of positivity, adrenaline and fun. In other words, this is the best option for all players who like classic, fun and simple games.
You also have the possibility to get some of the 12 extra prizes that are displayed on the upper part of your screen. This amazing feature will boost your chances to win!
Your prizes will be multiplied by the value of the bets you place, which can go from the cheapest prices to great values that may give you unbelievable prizes!

If you are looking for a classic game, this is the best place to have lots of fun, since Ace Mania provides a thrilling adventure, keeping the classic characteristics of online bingo games.
With many different prizes, you will always be excited to win and get the greatest reward of the game, which is to hit Bingo, filling all your ticket.
In addition to its mega prizes, Ace Mania has also a thorough atmosphere. The balls on the mixer ensure very thrilling moments, so that you can have an even better game experience.
Ace Mania has 60 numbered balls, from 1 to 60. 30 of them are selected first, but you can also buy up to 10 extra balls.
And there's more! Because after all, Ace Bingo also offers a joker ball, which can be used with any lacking number on your tickets. You can also play it on your mobile device or if you want to know it better before placing your real bets, Ace Mania offers a free version to try it as many times as you want!

First of all, you have to choose how many tickets you want to play with - from 1 to 4. You can also change the numbers of your active tickets with a click on them.
To start the 30-ball initial raffle, you have to click the button PLAY or AUTO.
If you click the first button, you will play one round at a time manually. Clicking the second one, you can play many consecutive rounds until you decide to stop - by clicking the button STOP.
You can increase or reduce the number of bets with the "up" and "down" arrows, where you can read BET or on each ticket, on the upper bar, where the button BET is.
To change the speed of the raffle, you have to access MENU and use the arrows to increase or decrease the speed on the bar BALL SPEED.

This game may allow you to to buy up to 10 extra balls if you still haven't hit Bingo after the initial raffle. The value of each ball is displayed on your screen. You can only acquire an extra ball if you have the necessary amount of credits, but you can also use the credits you have won during the round. To buy an extra ball, you have to click BUY on the raffle area or on an empty ball. This game doesn't allow you to buy extra balls automatically.
If you don't want to acquire another extra ball, press CLOSE.
You have up to 15 minutes to buy an extra ball. If you don't buy any ball in this period, this option will be automatically canceled. If you don't have enough credits to buy an extra ball, you can use the credits you've won during the game.

You can see the winning patterns on the prizes table and the multipliers are under each of such figures. These numbers increase or decrease accordingly with the number of bets you place. When you finish a round, all values you won will be added to your balance.

BINGO: you win Bingo prize when all the numbers in an active ticket are marked. This is the biggest prize you can win on the game. Its value is 1.500 times your stake.
All prizes that override each other are substituted by the biggest one. As an example: If you win Line and Two Lines in the same ticket and round, you will receive only the prize for Two Lines.
JOKER: during the extra balls rounds the joker ball may appear. It allows you to select any lacking number in an active ticket. To select the number you want, click BUY. Once you have confirmed the number you want, this ball will come out. You can change the selected number at any moment before confirming it.

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