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Ace  Bonus
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Ace Bonus

62 ratings

Welcome to one of the greatest hits among all Bingo players.

If you like to play on the Internet, Ace Bonus is an online Video Bingo that will keep you entertained for hours, since you can play with up to four tickets at the same time or disable the ones you don't want to play with.

This Video Bingo has 60 balls, numbered from 1 to 60. 30 of them will be selected on each round and they will be marked on your tickets if your numbers match. To start playing, press PLAY. You can also click AUTO and the game will start the rounds automatically until you decide to stop it or until you get an extra ball.

What are the extra balls rounds? Once you finish the initial raffle, the game may allow you to buy a certain number of extra balls if you are close to get a winning pattern. This will boost your chances to win an amazing prize!

Ace Bonus offers 12 winning patterns with prizes, including a bonus game. If you complete a ticket during the initial raffle you hit BINGO, the main prize, which amounts to 1.500 times your stake. Of course, there is also a Jackpot, which is activated when you hit Bingo.

Ace Bonus is full of prizes and many surprises. That's why you must take your lucky amulet and start to play, discovering all the prizes that are waiting for you!

60-ball Video Bingo.
12 winning patterns + surprise Bonus round.
30-ball raffle.
You can play with up to 4 tickets at the same time.

You can buy up to 10 extra balls during the initial raffle.
The value of each ball is displayed. To receive it, click BUY.
You can also receive random free balls.

During the extra balls rounds you may receive a Joker ball, which allows you to choose any lacking number on your tickets.

It's the biggest prize. To win it, you have to fill an entire ticket during the initial raffle. Your prize is 1.500 times your stake.
When you hit Bingo, the Jackpot will be activated and you will receive the accumulated prize.

To access the Bonus round you have to complete the pattern SQUARE.
This game allows you multiple choices. Click on up to 10 doors. Eight of them hide a prize, but the other two don't.
The game ends when one of these two doors is opened.

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