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777 Diamonds

24 ratings

777 Diamonds is a slot game which offers excellent prizes and big chances to win if you bet in all of its 25 paylins. Moreover, you winnings can be much higher if once you win a round you play a special bonus round where you can multiply x2 or x4 the value of your winnings.

How to play 777 Diamonds? It is really simple. Spin and try to get the same figure in three or more reels from left to right. But your payments will differ according to the symbols you can get. For example, three number 7s symbols pay 10 times the value of your bet, while the black diamond pays 200 times!

The game has also two other symbols that will help you to win more, they are the Wild symbol, represented by the 777 figure and the BAR symbol. The Wild can substitute any other symbol except the BAR. Besides that, if you get 5 Wild symbols in the same round, your bet value will be multiplied by 2.000 times. Meanwhile, the BAR symbol is the Scatter of the game which will give you free spins. Get 3, 4 or 5 symbols BAR and win 1, 3 or 10 free spins respectively.

After all this, I doubt you don't want to feel your luck in 777 Diamonds, a slot game that enforces your investment!

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