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Frequently Asked Questions


R. In order to deposit, enter our deposits page and choose the method of your choice. Select the amount you want to withdraw and follow the payment instructions according to each method. If you have any doubt concerning some deposit method, do not hesitate to contact our Support team and we will be glad to help you.

R. No. For security reasons we ask our players to use only their own bank accounts (or e-wallets) to deposit in the site.

Promotions, Bonuses and Rollover:

R. Rollover is the minimum value you have to bet in order to request a withdrawal. The calculation of your Rollover may be based on the value of your deposit, the Bonus you received or the sum of both. As an example: if a player deposit 100.00 and receives 100.00 more as a Bonus with a promotion that requires a Rollover of 5 times, then the calculation is: (deposit + Bonus) x 5 = (100.00 + 100.00) x 5 = 200.00 x 5 = 1,000.00
Therefore, in this case the player has to accumulate 1,000.00 in bets. For Sports players it is important to be aware of the value of the minimum odds accepted for the calculation of Rollover.

R. If you want to know your Rollover status, you have to contact our online support and request your current situation. Bets placed on Sports area are considered for the calculation of Rollover just after they are finished. Soon we will make available the option to follow your Rollover in real time, directly from your account.

R. Promocode is a promotional code, a marketing tool. The Promocodes are used by the players in order to activate promotions in their accounts. A Promocode may give a free Bonus or a Bonus in a deposit, or it can also be just a Promocode for research.

R. Your loyalty points can be exchanged for different kinds of Bonus to be used in the Bingo rooms. As an example: Bonuses to bet on Bingo tickets or to play Mini Slots, Kenos or Scratch tickets. You must have at least 400 loyalty points in your account in order to exchange them for the Bonus you want.


R. Withdrawals are paid in a time period of 3 business days. This time period may be shorter, depending on the need to check your Rollover, documentation, validity of your prizes, amongst other variants. We always do our best to pay the withdrawals as soon as possible.

R. If your balance is completely free of Rollover, you just have to go to “My Account” section and then click “WITHDRAWAL”. There you can manage your resquested withdrawals, pending requests, and you also can ask for new withdrawals or cancel your pending requests.

R. No. Payments are done exclusively to the clients’ accounts. This is a security policy for us as well as for our clients, guaranteeing that your withdrawal requests will be paid only to your own accounts.


R. This occurs due to the pop-up blocker. You just have to disable the blocker or to allow pop-ups from www.betmotion.com.

R. The chance of all players are the same and it is commensurate with the quantity bought tickets. Many times, we have the impression that a player is winning more than others do, but this player is certainly playing with many more tickets.

R. If you have doubts about how to bet on Sports, we recommend you to access our HELP on Sports area. There you can find all rules, in addition to very interesting tips about how to place the bets. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact our online Support team.

Terms and Conditions:

R. It is necessary to send your documents due to security reasons for both you and the website. This way, we guarantee that the provided information is really yours and that your account is being used by yourself.

R. No. Betmotion is a website aimed only for adults, over 18 years-old.

R. No. Your account in Betmotion is for particular use and it is not transferable. We do not recommend you to share your access data.

R. In order to validate your account you need to send us: 1) a copy of your identification document, which contains a photo of you and the number of your identification. 2) a copy of a bill (e.g. water or electricity bill) with your address, and no more than 3 months. 3) a photo of you holding your identification document – showing the side of your photo to the camera. It is very important that all the images will be sent in a good quality and coloured, so we can read all the information with no problems.